Food Truck Festival Maastricht 2017

18-05-2017 - 21-05-2017

Stadspark Maastricht


From Thursday to Sunday, Stadspark will be dedicated to good food, live music and theater, ie: the freely accessible Food Truck Festival TREK!

Our beloved Stadspark, where we have struck many a picnic place on a sunny day, this weekend turned into one big outdoor restaurant. Dozens of mobile kitchens, the best food, the best live music, a variety of theatrical and entertainment making Festival TREK a pleasant experience. Maastricht singing, musical and theatrical talent gets a chance to play the stars of heaven on the stage of my mayor room and break through in their own city or country.


Opening hours: 18 - 21 May

Thursday  16.00 – 23:00

Friday      16.00 – 23:00   

Saturday  14:00 – 23:00 
Sunday    14:00 – 22:00


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