Music & Technology

01-11-2017 - 02-11-2017, 20:30

Klokgebouw Strijp-S, Eindhoven


Conductor Kristiina Poska
Concept and technique CREW


Technology is everywhere. Even in a symphony orchestra. Together with technology collective CREW the South Netherlands Philharmonic proves, in an innovative way, the many possibilities technology offers to dislodge, enrich, and transform a traditional Beethoven symphony. A new production by the orchestra, conducted by the ever energetic Kristiina Poska. Experience Beethoven like you have never before and find out to what extent technology has become our lives.


Eindhoven Klokgebouw Strijp-S Wednesday, 1 November, 20:30
Eindhoven Klokgebouw Strijp-S Thursday, 2 November 2017, 20:30


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