World Music Contest 2017

06-07-2017 - 30-07-2017

Parkstad Limburg region


In July 2017 more than 20,000 musicians will participate in the World Music Contest (WMC) in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. 260 bands with an average of 80 musicians from 32 countries and 5 continents will compete for a place in the top of the world of wind music. Never before have so many bands registered for participation in the four annual event in the south of the Netherlands. The upcoming 18th edition will take place from 6 until 30 July 2017, and is expected to draw more than 350,000 visitors.


WMC Kerkrade promotes and cultivates the international wind music scene. The stimulation of talent of all ages, the strife for renewal and the support of a worldwide quality development of musicians and orchestras are all common targets in the WMC Kerkrade philosophy. Once every four years, WMC Kerkrade organizes the world's most famous international festival of wind music. During a WMC Kerkrade you can enjoy: concert contests for wind and brass bands as well as percussion ensembles, marching parade and show contests for marching & show bands, conducting courses and competitions for young conductors of wind bands, first rate concerts and much more.
Next to the party scenery provided by bands in the market square of Kerkrade, you can also enjoy listening to bands, orchestras, contest participants, and Young Generation-bands at the Outdoor festival. Well known features of WMC Kerkrade such as the Brass Gala Concert on 10 July and the Final of the International Conductors Competition on 19 July will be mixed with many new items.

The WMC-festival has been organized since 1951 in the former mining town of Kerkrade. The area has a rich history where wind music is concerned, and WMC is since decades the highest podium in the world of wind music. Besides the concert and marching show contests a large fringe festival will be organized in the center of Kerkrade, as well as a number of concerts all over the province of Limburg.


WMC Kerkrade takes place in many different parts of the Parkstad Limburg region. For more information and tickets for the 18th edition of WMC, please visit:


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