The Maastricht Region Edition


The Expat's Guide is a great resource for expats who are settling into the South Netherlands! The welcome guide is available for free at the expat center, and is also available to view or download from this page.


What's Inside: 

  1. Introduction to the Netherlands and the Maastricht Region 
  2. Formalities: Moving, Residence Permit, Work Permit, BSN, and Driver's License
  3. Housing: Dutch Housing, Renting, Buying a House, Deciding Where to Live, Moving, Utilities, Waste and Recycling
  4. Taxation Finance & Insurance: The 30% Tax Facility, Tax Returns, Tax Benefits, Bank Accounts, Debit Card, ChipKnip, Credit Cards, Health Insurance, Private Insurances, Social Security
  5. Education & Careers: The Dutch Educational System, International Education, Childcare, Further Education & Careers for Partners, Language Courses
  6. Personal & Social Needs: Dutch Manners, Understanding the Dutch Healthcare System, Religion, Transport, Expat Networks & Social Clubs
  7. Culture & Leisure: Holidays in the Netherlands, Culture, Shopping, Special Events, Activities for Children, Sports, Trips Outside of the Maastricht Region
  8. Checklists: The Preparation Phase, Upon Arrival, Settling In, Packing Lists
    More Information: Consulates and Embassies; Useful Search Terms; and Useful Telephone Numbers

Read the Maastricht Region Edition online! To get a print copy, please contact us!