FAQ Formalities

Where can I apply for a BSN?

If you are a non-resident, please contact the Dutch Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst). The BSN will be issued by the municipality where you register.


My birth/marriage certificate is in Chinese, but it is legalised with stamps by the proper authorities. Do I need to get it translated?

The Dutch government will accept only documents in Dutch, English, German, or French. You may also need to collect some extra stamps or signatures to legalise your documents. You can read more on legalising documents on the

website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The municipality where you live can also advise you on this. 


I am now settled in the Netherlands and I want to bring my partner and child. What must I do?

That is indeed possible. Different conditions could apply depending on your residence status. Your income is a very important consideration. Please check the Residence Wizard on the IND website for more details.

How do I get a visa?

You can apply for a visa at the Dutch consulate or embassy in your country of residence. If you intend to stay in The Netherlands longer than 3 months, the process needs to be started by your employer in the Netherlands.


What kind of visa do I get?

This depends on the purpose and the duration of your stay. In general, it will be either a short-term visa (< 3 months) or an authorisation for temporary stay/MVV (> 3 months).


I have requested a residence permit but I have not received it yet. Now I need to travel abroad. Can I still return to the Netherlands?

This depends on your nationality; you may need a return visa. You can make an appointment with one of the IND desks by calling 088-043 0430. 


Do I have to copy every page in my passport?

Yes. Even the blank pages have to be copied, so that the IND can see that they are blank.


My parents / acquaintances are here on holiday. Do they have to report within three days to the IND?

No, they do not need to report to the IND.


Where can I find more information on purposes for staying in the Netherlands?

Check the Residence Wizard for more information on purposes for staying in The Netherlands.


What are the requirements with regard to passport photographs?

You do not have to submit any photographs. A photograph will be taken during your appointment at the IND or the embassy when you pick up your MVV. 

What must I do if I have lost my residence permit?

If you have lost your residence document, you have to apply for a new one. You can download the form from the IND website or order it through the information number 088-043 0430.


What do I have to do when my residence document has expired?

When you have lost your residence document, you must apply for a new one. You can download the form from the IND website or order it through the information number 088-043 0430.


What do I have to do if I want my foreign partner to come and live with me in the Netherlands?

The Residence Wizard on the IND website gives detailed information on the procedures for bringing someone into the Netherlands. If you are a Highly Skilled Migrant or Researcher, other (more flexible) rules apply.

What do I have to do if I have been notified that I cannot stay in The Netherlands?

Consult the Residence Wizard on the IND website for more information on this subject.


I want to live/work in the Netherlands. I read that I do not need a visa to travel to the Netherlands. Can I come as a tourist and later request for a residence permit?

This depends on your nationality. You might need an MVV (machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf = temporary residence permit). Only EEA citizens and citizens of the US, Canada New Zeeland, Japan and South Korea can apply for a residence permit. If you do need a MVV, you should apply for one in your home country. Travelling to The Netherlands as a tourist and applying for it here is not possible.


I am a Turkish citizen now studying in Germany. I will move to the Netherlands and read that I need an MVV. Can I apply for this in Germany?

Yes, that is possible, under certain conditions. One of them is that you have a valid resident permit for the country you are currently living in.


I have been in the Netherlands for 90 days now. Can I extend my Schengen visa?

No, that is not possible. A Schengen visa cannot be extended. You have to leave Schengen for at least 90 days before you can re-enter. 

What are the conditions to get a short-term visa?

For a short-term visa, you need to have the following: proof of your travel objective; a valid passport; a medical travel insurance; sufficient means of support (a sponsor declaration or at least 34 Euros per day for your stay), and last but not least, you should be no risk to public order.

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