I'm an Employer!

I'm an Employer!

The Dutch government aims to create an attractive environment and welcomes knowledge workers and talent from abroad. The Netherlands is on the international list of most attractive countries to do business with. The role of the employer in the process of bringing in talent from abroad is increasingly important. If the immigration authorities recognise you as an employer, it will simplify and accelerate the recruitment process significantly.


When recruiting international staff, there are also several issues to take into consideration. ‘Where is someones taxable place of residency' and ‘in which country is your employee subjected to social security law'? The Dutch tax system has several tax facilities that can help improve your position on the international labour market as an attractive international employer.


In this section, you can read more about your role as employer in the immigration process and you will find information on the tax facilities and social secruity regulations which can apply to your employees.


You can also find more informaion on the website www.euraxess.nl. (This section of the website is only in Dutch.)