Driver's license

Holders of a foreign driver's license issued by one of the European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Association (EVA) countries can drive in the Netherlands for a period of 10 years (or if it is valid for a shorter period of 10 years, until the expiration date). If it does expire, you can exchange your foreign driver's license for a Dutch one at your local Town Hall. If your driver's license was issued in another country, you will have to exchange your driver's license for a Dutch one within 6 months after registering in the Netherlands.


If your driver's license was not issued in the Netherlands, the former Netherlands Antillen, Aruba, or one of the members of the EU or the EVA, then you can drive with your driver's license for a maximum of 185 days after you have registered to live in the Netherlands.  

30% Tax Facility

If you are a highly skilled migrant who is benefitting from the 30% tax facility, then you and your family can exchange your driver's license(s) for a Dutch driver's license. This is regardless of your home country. 


How to exchang a driver's license


Driver's licenses issued in the following countries can only be exchanged if they are valid for the listed categories. (Click Here for more information.) An international driver's license is only an authenticated translation of your driver's license and cannot be exchanged for a Dutch ldriver's icense.

  1. Go to your local town hall and request a 'geschiktheidsverklaring' (State of Capability) form. This form costs € 35,30.
    You can do this without an appointment between 09:00-13:00.
    Complete the form. The form is in Dutch, so you may want to ask a colleague for assistance.
    Post this form in the enclosed addressed envelope. Do not forget a stamp!
  2. In a few weeks, you will get a 'Certificate of Fitness' in the mail from the CBR. Take this form with you to your local town hall, along with the following documents:
    - Current driver's license
    - Passport
    - Passport photo
    - Proof that you qualify for the 30% tax facility (letter from the tax office)
    You will need to pay € 38,95.
  3. The Town Hall will send your package of items to the RDW (Rijksdienst van het Wegverkeer). You will get a message concerning when you can collect your Dutch driver's license at Town Hall (between 2-3 weeks). Take your passport with you to collect your new driver's license!

Please note that your original driver's license will not be returned to you.

Driving School

Experienced instructors will carefully guide you or your child(ren) through the learning stages. When the day of the test comes, you can be sure that you will have the necessary skill and knowledge to pass your driving test successfully.


The driving schools also offer refresher driving courses for driving license holders who want improve their driving skills, or would like to get experience driving in the Netherlands.

Driving Exam

It is possible to take the driving exams in English and Turkish. Other languages are available, but you must arrange and pay for a professional translator.





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