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Dutch designer launches anti-coronavirus Urban Sun light project


Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has launched a new art installation in which he seeks to use the ultraviolet light to...

Vaccination passports not a Dutch priority, amid discrimination fears


Sources in The Hague suggest that the Dutch government is shying away from sanctioning a ‘vaccination passport’ as a means...

Unused fast tests are piling up in warehouses: Trouw


Millions of fast coronavirus tests remain unused in warehouses because the government wants to take a ‘careful’ approach to using...

Together with governments, knowledge institutions and the business community, the Brainport Corona Helpdesk helps entrepreneurs where possible. From concrete short-term solutions to vitality exercises for those working from home.

If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, please contact the Ondernemersloket Eindhoven. To read the information on the page in another language, please use Google Translate, which you can find on the top of the page.

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