Scientific Researchers

Employers who want to hire a scientific researcher to come to the Netherlands from abroad for longer than 3 months, might qualify for the admission regulation scientific researchers in the sense of Directive 2005/71/EC. In the sense of this Directive, a scientific researcher is an employee who will perform a research project approved by a Dutch research institute or organisation in the Netherlands. Not only universities, but also enterprises who do research can benefit from this regulation.

  • You must register with the IND.
  • The employee will have to earn at least the social assistance benefit level. (Researchers who qualify do not require a work permit.) 


Both you and the scientific researcher will be expected to comply with a number of conditions, including: 

  • A scientific researcher is someone who has obtained a certificate of higher education, which must give the holder access to a Master's program.
  • The scientific researcher must have been selected by a research institution, to implement a project for which the certificate in question is required.



The combined entry visa

An authorisation for temporary stay does not allow the reseracher to multiple entries in the Netherlands. Therefore, we advise to apply for a so-called combined visa. The combined visa is generally issued automatically when the researcher has a medical insurance valid for the first month of your stay, and there are no safety risks for the researchers admission to any of the Schengen countries. In most cases, the issue of an MVV (D visa) is combined with a short stay visa (C visa). This combination is also referred to as the C + D visa. The short stay visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue and may be used during that period to travel to and from the Netherlands and to visit other Schengen countries. This combination visa serves to prevent problems that could occur if a foreign national is still waiting for his residence permit. For instance, if the foreign national wants to travel back to his own country for a short visit to arrange matters in connection with his move to the Netherlands, he will be entitled to return to the Netherlands for the duration of the short stay visa.


Voluntary MVV

Foreign workers holding a passport that does not require an MVV to enter the Netherlands can voluntary ask for an MVV as well (USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland, and South Korea). The advantage of doing this lies in the residence permit application. When the employer applies for an MVV, the application is reviewed before the arrival of the migrant and when applying for the actual residence permit the migrant will receive a sticker in his/her passport that serves as a residence permit. This will allow the employee to start working immediately after the residence permit application. Furthermore, the BSN can be issued much faster.



There are fees associated with the application for entry into and residence in the Netherlands. The Dutch embassy or consulate in the country of origin can charge extra costs.  Check the IND website for the costs for stay.


How do you pay the charge for the MVV?

First of all, you should pay any charges for the MVV application by direct debit. To this end, you should send in a signed direct debit form along with your request for advice. The IND will collect the charge the moment you receive a positive advice from the IND on your request for the granting of an MVV. If you do not want to pay for the MVV by direct debit, you will receive an invoice from the IND. If you pay on the basis of an invoice, the IND will only inform the Embassy of the positive advice that has been given after the charges for the MVV request have been received.


How do you pay the charge for a residence permit?

By signing the declaration, you as the employer agree to pay any charges by direct debit. This is the fastest way to obtain the residence permit. The charge for the residence permit application will be collected the moment you file your application. If you do not want to pay by direct debit, you or the Highly Skilled Migrant will be sent a giro collection form. It will take a number of weeks before the IND will be notified of this.

Important: If you do not wish to pay by direct debit, the IND has no obligation to decide on your application within the two-week period.


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