“Dutchess from the Himalyas”

11-12-2016 - 11-12-2016, 14:00

The Global Village (Dommelstraat 2a, Eindhoven)

Do you come from another country and are you looking for a balance between the Dutch and your own culture in your everyday life? Then you should definitely meet Kirtika van Hunen-Malla during the promotion of her book "Dutch-ess from the Himalayas" in the Global Village. Since seats are limited, we kindly ask you to make a reservation via globaaldorp@inkijkmuseum.nl.


"Dutch-ess from the Himalayas", is a book full of humorous anecdotes of the author's (Kirtika van Hunen) experience of the Dutch culture. What drove Kirtika to write this book? Why has Kirtika made it her mission to share what she knows in order to helps people feel 'happily at home' between two cultures? What does Between 2 Cultures do?


Answers to these questions will be revealed by the author in person on Sunday 11 December in the Global village. The host of the program is Carola Eijsenring from the Indigo Wereld. You are welcome to join us in a Nepali sphere with Nepali snacks and to partake in an interactive narration of her experience.


During the promotion of the book you can exchange your experiences about living in the Netherlands with the writer and the audience. You can also hear more about Kirtika's program "Between two cultures" which aims to help people grow in multicultural societies.


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