Buying a House in the Netherlands: 9th Edition

14-04-2018, starting at 10:00

Grand Cafe De Stip (Torenallee 3, Eindhoven)

When: Saturday 14 April, starting at 10:00

Where: Grand Cafe De Stip (Torenallee 3, Eindhoven)

Buying a House in the NL is organized for international residents who are interested in buying a house in the Netherlands! During this event, you will receive the following information:

  • What is required to purchase a property in the Netherlands.
  • How to apply for a mortgage.
  • How much housing in the Eindhoven area costs.

There will also be time to ask your questions!

Guided Bus Tour

The second portion of the event is a guided bus tour of neighborhoods in the Eindhoven area. This bus tour is led by realtors who will answer your questions about the neighborhoods we drive through! The guided bus tour is optional.

There is no charge to attend, but registration is required.


Registration is now closed for this event!



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