Expat Scan Day at Chiropractic Valkenswaard

15-07-2015 - 15-07-2015, 08:00-21:00

Eindhovenseweg 201, Valkenswaard

Chiropractic Valkenswaard has a new scan that can get a more precise view of problem areas. Through muscle reaction measurements and analyzing stress/tender points, you'll get a clearer view of your subluxations. The chiropractor can confirm his findings from the scan and it'll be easier tot make a treatment plan for you. The report of the findings will be done personally. On the Expat Scan Day, expats can take advantage of a special price to experience this new scan. 

Price for Expats: € 17 (Normally  € 57)

To make an appointment, call 040-201 3553.


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