I Believe | The world in a suburb

17-03-2019 - 08-06-2019

Centre Céramique (Plein 1992, Maastricht)


What is it like, living in a super diverse migrant district? And what do those living there have to say on today’s hot topics?


With these two questions in mind, Maastricht photographer HJ Hunter started working in Liège neighbourhood Bressoux, three years ago. Since then, a team of 10 professionals has committed to working on this project.


I Believe | The world in a suburb makes life in a multicultural and multi religious neighbourhood visible and tangible. Visitors of the exhibition get to know inhabitants from different cultures through photo series and short movies, and enter worlds that usually remain closed to outsiders.


The inhabitants portrayed share their life stories and provide an insight into their believes regarding current social issues: migration, racism, nationalism, integration, radicalisation, the position of migrant women, religion, and living together with other cultures in one’s direct environment.


Both the photo-exhibition texts and the films are translated into English.


To put the topics in a broader culture historical perspective and to promote dialogue, March 2019 will see the start of a public programme organised by Centre Céramique, Visto Studio, Studium Generale, Europe Direct and the Sphinx Debate Centre.


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