Introducing Together We Bloom: Summer Edition

08-06-2020 - 14-06-2020

This group was launched last month with 6 great workshops. Because of its success and your support we have decided to do another webinar series!


Calling all pregnant ladies and mamas with young children, in Eindhoven and beyond!


You are invited to join othe Expat Mama Village group. As a group of expat mothers with professional expertise in the pre- and postnatal arena, they were inspired to create this group to share knowledge with each other and provide 'the village' of support that is missing when you live abroad and away from your extended network of friends and family.


Introducing Together we bloom: Summer edition


June 8 - 14 Six online classes from six professionals: 

  • Emotional safety during pregnancy - Anastasia Psaropoulou (Holistic Midwife, breastfeeding consultant and certified infant massage instructor
  • First postpartum workout: Let's do it together - Oksana Karkhut-Willemse (Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach)
  • Sling / carrier use in hot weather - Özge Çakıcı (Babywearing consultant)
  • Preventing Mama 'Burnout' - Nicole Dawson Cullinan (Homoeopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner)
  • A guided meditation: relax, nourish & cherish - Ayşegül Demir Çorlu (Childbirth Educator and Doula)
  • 3 daily rituals with essential oils to support emotional wellbeing - Natalya Burdeina (Essential oil educator)

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