Lecture in English by Leo Bormans about ‘the power of happiness’

17-03-2017, 20.30

Tramstraat 37, 5611 CR Eindhoven

What does the latest research teach us about everyday happiness of humans and society? And how can we strengthen our own happiness and that of others?  Leo Bormans takes us on his inspiring quest. This lecture – in English - takes place on March 17th at 20:30 at the Augustijnenkerk Eindhoven.

Leo Bormans travels the world as an Ambassador van Geluk / Ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life. He is a writer and inspirer. Together with the University of Leuven, Leo conducted a large-scale study that looked at the attainability of happiness. More than 7,000 subjects participated. 


Successful speaker
The research revealed surprising, useful and practical insights.  Leo is a successful speaker and advisor to governments, managers, universities, social workers, teachers, organizations, etc. throughout the world.  In his workshops, lectures and master classes, particular attention is paid to that portion of happiness and quality of life that is attainable within individuals, teams and organizations.



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