Let's Catch Up KIDS @ AINSI

14-04-2018, 16:00 - 18:15

AINSI (Lage Kanaaldijk 112-113, Maastricht)

We welcome you at 15:30 at AINSI (Lage Kanaaldijk 112-113, Maastricht).
At 16:00 the curtain goes up.
Tickets costs € 8 (children 4+) and € 10 (adults)
For those interested, after the show, adults can become children and children become adults in a workshop with sprouts (*)


If you would like to Catch Up with us Saturday 14 April, please send an e-mail to: raf.meijers@maastricht.nl


Finish Your Plate
A kids’ comedy with flying vegetables, age 4 and up
Cartoon play WITHOUT words, but WITH slapstick, music and gibberish

Some days Jip just loves carrots; other days they’re the yuckiest things ever. One day it’s nothing but potatoes, the next only rice will do. And – ugh! – what are those little green things in that sauce? Jip’s parents are at the end of their tether with all the tears, the shrieking and the howling – and with the plates of steaming mush flying through the air.
At night, Jip has the most wonderful dreams – about rapping wraps, spicy pumpkins, dancing pancakes and singing strawberries. He also dreams about mummy and daddy: about how they’d better start behaving properly soon or else they’ll end up in the mincing machine – they’d make delicious hamburgers, that’s for sure, or meatballs for in the soup. Yum! Just imagine how tasty that would be.
Finish Your Plate is a bittersweet comedy with putrid peas, slimy salad, spongy sprouts and spaghetti that makes you want to spew. A delicious snack for gourmets aged 4 to 104.

Watch the trailer here.


(*) The workshop is programmed 17:15-18:15; limited to 30 people max, so first come, first serve. Per adult max 3 children, minimum age 4.


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