Maastricht Duckrace 2018

13-05-2018 - 13-05-2018

Jeker Maastricht, Stadspark

On the second Sunday of May, the Jeker will be nothing but yellow. 10,000 rubber ducks are put in the water for the fourth edition of the Duckrace Maastricht, organized by Ronde Tafel 174 Maastricht. The duckies will compete against each other in a race downstream of about 300 meters. Prizes galore, but even if you don't win, your ticket can be used as part payment for a purchase in Intratuin.


You can adopt one or more duckies for 5€ each. Every duck has a unique number and the first duckies that swim across the finish line in the third (and last) round win a prize for their "owners" . Both companies and individuals can adopt a duck. The proceeds of the Duckrace go to charity.

There are also a lot of other facilties, such as a catering street, music and amusement for young and old. An enjoyable family day out is guaranteed. And if it rains... then it's lovely weather for ducks!


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