Meet ,Connect and Interact - Young Maestro

10-06-2016 - 10-06-2016, 19:00-22:30

De Schalm (Meiveld 3, Veldhoven)

Meet, Connect & Interact The international composition of the group Young Maestros is the occasion to organize a "Meet, Connect & Interact" prior to the concert (7 PM) in the Foyer of the Schalm. This meeting is intended to connect the many active ' internationals' in the Brainport region with people and (cultural) organizations from the region. A unique opportunity to meet new people, discover cultures, exchange information, help each other and make connections! Invite family, friends or your neighbors to come over and listen.

Entrance fee of the concert is €7,50 each.
If you are a member of the international community (expat), you can order 1 extra ticket for free!


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