Musica Sacra Maastricht

15-09-2016 - 18-09-2016

Theater aan het Vrijthof (Vrijthof 47, Maastricht)

Musica Sacra Maastricht turns the city of Maastricht to become a speaking arts from 15 t / m September 18th.


Theme 2016: Sacrifice of Love
In a world full of egoism, profit, inequality, injustice and violence, Musica Sacra Maastricht draws attention to the Sacrifice of Love. Sacrifice that testifies to eye and ear for people's needs, and which is the ultimate consequence. We think of historical or literary figures such as Penelope, Alkestis, Mucius Scaevola, Joan of Arc, and not least to Jesus himself. It does not always have to be heroic. Even in the small man can be great by oneself. The marriage need to sacrifice: "For better or for worse 'deserves a stronger place in our relations, argues philosopher, writer and music Ad Verbrugge, which will keep the festival lecture, in his book State of confusion. The sacrifice of love. Musica Sacra Maastricht 2016 shows an extensive program where and how artists then and now this experienced and portrayed.

The whole of this four-day program is available from mid-June at the festival flyer and


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