Opera VIVA les Outlaws

21-06-2018 - 24-06-2018

Bordenhal plein 1992-15 Maastricht

Jacques Offenbach was a brilliant Theatre composer who aimed to entertain a wide audience. In his work, he mixes song with dialogue,drama and dance,setting the bar high for the players.


The students participating in this production have various nationalities. They each sing in their own mother tongue with english subtitles.


Dates of the shows:


Thursday 21 June 20:00

Saturday 23 June 20:00

Sunday   24 June 15:00


Tickets cost €15 and are available via www.theateraanhetvrijthof.nl/ uitbalie: +31 43 350 55 55 / uitbalie@maastricht.nl

You can collect your tickets from the ticket office in the Bordenhal half an hour before the performance starts.




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