Outdoor Painting Day Nuenen

18-05-2014 - 18-05-2014

Artists from Eindhoven, Nuenen and surrounding areas will be inspired by one of the many locations that Van Gogh also painted 130 years ago. In the open air on a lovey and hopefully sunny Sunday in May! Going back in time because you will find more than 10 locations in Nuenen that Van Gogh also painted. And these look the same now as they always did.  It's as though you are walking into one of his paintings. But attention is also paid to contemporary art. There are various graffiti artists.


Students from the 'Kunstkwartier' music school will provide the musical accompaniment.

The Park (centre) is where you will find a real French ambiance with an art market just like in Montmartre in Paris. The atmosphere around the Vincentre Van Gogh Museum is more urban with graffiti artists. The atmosphere around the Van Gogh church is more subdued. And all these within 500 metres of each other. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, May 18th!


The Vincentre is located at Berg 29 in Nuenen.


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