Salsa- and Tango festival Mucho Mundo

26-08-2016 - 28-08-2016

Various locations in Maastricht

A three-day festival in the Jekerkwartier which is entirely dedicated to Hispanic and Latino spheres. Visitors can enjoy food, culture, music and dance in the open air! "Mucho Mundo 'is an unforgettable culinary, musical and cultural addition to the many visitors to the city.


Friday, opening with salsa at Stadscafé Lure (Grand Looierstraat 7); Saturday on the same square tango.
Furthermore, among others on the program:
Café Moor Swing D'autre Fois (Sat)
Café D'Artagnan Vladimir Kirasirov & Mieke van Lith (sa); Luigi and Ramona (so)
Pubs Duke / Boonte Kooj / Via Mucca XV11: Chago Bilongo Formettal (Sat) Señor Gabriel and his Amigos (as)
Café Forum / the Belsj: ODIZ (Sat); Buya Band (Sun)
Café De Pieter Grupo Zyryab and Gazpacho, D.J. Mauro (Sat); Obsession (so)
Café Chic: Ritmo Caliente (Sat): Vladimir Kirasirov, Catherine of Biljouw and George Janssen (so);
Restaurant Rilette / Vinsieme / Cafeteria De Geer: Luigi and Ramona (Sat); Alessandro Scarlatti (so).


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