Seminar: Health and Fitness

11-07-2017, 16.00-17.30

Ground floor of Office-S Strijp-S (Videolab 4.042, Torenallee 20, Eindhoven)

SemIn the sequence of monthly health themes, SGE International is holding a seminar on Health and Fitness. 2 Masters of Physiotherapy in Sports, A. van den Bosch and B Doomen, will explain everything about this subject, including:

  • When to see a Physio Therapist
  • Which Physio Therapist do I need
  • What are the benefits of exercise/ sports
  • Should I adjust my diet when doing sports
  • Do I need extra supplements for example before or after working out?
  • How to prevent and treat (work related) stress injuries (neck, shoulders, hands, wrists, back)
  • What would be a good routine for me to get or stay healthy
  • Most common sports injuries
  • And all your other questions answered.

The seminar is free, but please register by sending an email to:


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