Staying positive when work is a struggle

27-10-2017 - 27-10-2017, 19.00-21.00

Una Paloma blanca, language school, P.Czn. Hooftlaan 14, 5611 NV Eindhoven

It is time to CONNECT again!

IPSN has invited a guest speaker, Jeroen de Swart, to share information about handling a stressful work environment. Jeroen currently works in human resources and will share information based on his personal experience of working in a stressful climate. There will be an opportunity for discussion, activities for self-exploration, and time for questions and answers.

We will cover the following topics:

- managing stress in the office
-handling difficult bosses and colleagues
-surviving when work feels too demanding
-not taking things that happen at work personally
-setting and keeping boundaries
- switching off after work...
how not to let your work ruin your private life and your good night sleep

Come and take part in this exciting conversation. Be inspired by others and be an inspiration yourself.

RSVP via email or just click here on FB.

We hope to see you then!



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