Symposium 'Closing The Gap' - Health Care for Internationals

02-06-2016 - 02-06-2016, 12:30-18:30

Seats2meet (Torenallee 24, Eindhoven)

Eindhoven's 30,000 international residents are central to the region's development and economic growth. Research amongst knowledge workers, their families, and international organisations has revealed that Dutch healthcare – for all its strengths – doesn't always meet the needs or expectations of internationals. In addition to cultural gaps, language barriers, varying expectations, and a general unfamiliarity with the Dutch healthcare system, it was also revealed that many internationals do not understand the prominent role of the General Practitioner (GP). The frustration these issues bring can make the difference in whether internationals remain in the Netherlands long-term.

Employers, HR professionals, (local) authorities, healthcare management, and other stakeholders will meet on June 2nd to discuss the need and necessity for adequate healthcare for internationals. How can those with an international background feel at home in the Netherlands? How can we close the gap between their expectations and the healthcare provided?

This symposium marks the opening of the primary health care center for internationals: SGE International on Strijp S in Eindhoven. The official opening is taking place on June 2nd.


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