Taartrover Film Festival

14-10-2019 - 18-10-2019

Natlab (Kastanjelaan 500, Eindhoven)

Taartrover Film Festival - loosely translated: 'The Cake Robbers Film Festival' will be in Natlab in October 2019. Every kid who visits a Taartrovers movie can enjoy the playground of imagination.

In this playground kids approach film in a playful way. They will not only do this with their eyes, but with all their senses. They will experiment with light in darkness, with colour and shapes and they can mess around with sand and water. 

With the help of stop-motion and pre-cinema installations, they can examine image and movement and combine sound with images and the other way around in our Soundhouse. In the studio they can play in a mini-theatre with props, costumes and a self-made décor. And of course, they will bake a cake, because it's a party, and what's a party without cake?


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