Training 'Dutch high tech work culture'

12-04-2019, 09:00-17:00

BCN Eindhoven, Kennedyplein 204

You'll learn the history behind the Netherlands' unique approach to work, and why it's a plus in the technology industry. You'll also practice the concrete day-to-day skills you need to survive – and thrive.

This intensive boot camp covers: 

  • The specifics of the Dutch business culture and how it developed;
  • Why the Dutch approach is so successful in the high tech industry, and how it meets the needs of high tech engineers;
  • How to speak up in every situation (even when it means contradicting your boss);How to respond professionally to harsh criticism;
  • How to handle mistakes and things you don't know;
  • What to do about all those endless meetings;
  • The major don'ts and other sensitive issues – what you definitely shouldn't do.

Settels Savenije & Friedrich bv is an Official Partner of Holland Expat Center South.


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