Expat's Guide

Expat's Guide

The Expat's Guide is a great resource for expats who are settling into the South Netherlands! There is both a Brabant and a Maastricht Region edition. The welcome guide is available for free at the Expat Center, and is also available to view from this page.


What's Inside:


  1. Welcome to Brabant/ Introduction to the Netherlands
  2. Moving to Brabant: BSN, Residence Permit, Work Permit, and Driver's License
  3. Living in Brabant: Renting, Buying, Utilities, Waste and Recycling, Places to Live (Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Bergeijk - De Brabantse Kempen, Tilburg, and Breda), Banking, Taxation, Insurance, Social Security, Health Care
  4. Working in Brabant: Childcare, Working regions (Brainport Eindhoven, Hart van Brabant, Regio van West-Brabant, AgriFood Capital)
  5. Studying in Brabant: Dutch schools, International schools, Colleges and universities, Language courses, and Volunteering
  6. Personal & Social Needs: Dutch Manners, Culture & Society, Shopping, Pets, Religion, Special Events, and Expat Networks & Social Clubs
  7. Transport: Bicycles, Public Transport, OV-Chipkaart, Airports, Taxis, Driving
  8. Culture & Leisure: Holidays in the Netherlands, Music, Theater & Ballet, Cinema, Museums, Public Libraries, Activities for Children, Sports, Nature, and Trip Ideas Outside of Brabant
  9. Partnership Program

Read the 'Expat's Guide to Brabant' online!




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