Natalia Lutovinova, Moscow, Russia

After getting a job offer from a Dutch company, Russian Natalia Lutovinova packed her bags and moved to the Southeast Netherlands.
Profession: General manager Logistics and Trade
Year moved to the Netherlands: 2010
Eindhoven is... an intelligent city.

What have you learned since moving here, that you wish someone would have told you when you first arrived?
All the ordinary daily things: how to pay for transport, where the nearest supermarkets are, how to use a train etc.

What is your best piece of advice for other expats?
To unite with other expats as soon as you arrive and share the experience.

Are you a member of any international organizations or clubs?
Not yet.



What was your first impression of Eindhoven?
Cosy, quiet, fascinating, stylish.

Did you experience culture shock?


What do you miss most from home?

My parents.

Is the Southeast Netherlands international?


What is your favorite part about living in this part of the Netherlands?
An old centre of any city.


What is your activity in the spring?
To enjoy the nature inside the city.

What is missing in the Southeast Netherlands?

For me - nothing.

If you had to leave tomorrow, what would you miss?
My home.

If you could go back in time, to before you moved here; would you still move?



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