"How Holland Expat Center South Has Helped Me Settle into the Netherlands ..."

"As a newcomer, the Holland Expat Center has helped me integrate into this new culture, has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world, developed friendships and get the information needed to ease my transition to the new system. Thank your for that."

-- Veronica Rojas, Peru


"When we first moved here I went to this center to dot some i's and cross some t's. Since then it has been nice to have in my FB feed- I like the articles and fnd the stories interesting."

-- Farrah Ritter, USA


"The center helped me to realize that I'm not the only one in the process and when attending one of the events I met amazing people and receive brochures with helpful information."

-- Karla Lozano, Mexico 


"Helped me not feel so alone here."

-- Josephine Marx Fox


" ... This center has created some nice expats events so that we can meet other expats and locals, not to mention the extra features like the tour in some museums or stadium. For me, these events have helped a lot for connecting with others."
-- Eldon Lesley, Indonesia


"... the Center (gave) me resources to find an internship."

-- Guadalupe Garcia Moreno, Spain


"Met some cool people and got to see the contemporary art pieces at a night organized by the HollandExpatCenter. It literally gave me hope that I didn't move in the middle of nowhere."

-- Madalina Buzdugan, Romania


"When I started my business this centre helped me to network with other expats and gave me some handy tips."

-- Lynne Bambi Blakelock, England


"The center helped me to have a clear understanding of the steps, challenges and guidelines to tackle when you come as an expat to NL (taxation, culture, formalities, etc)."

-- Xavi Roig Gracia, Spain


"It's important to know that there is somebody with experience and knowledge to give you support!"

-- Anna Massana C., Spain


"As an exchange student from Poland expat centre helped me to get to (know) the city and its surroundings better and of course meet new, interesting people."

-- Małgorzata Starzyk, Poland


"As a newcomer to Holland, the Holland Expat center helped me to easily transition to a new way of life. For example, I was exposed to Dutch personal and social services such as religion, health care, taxation, culture and other pertinent information. Finally, through the meet-ups I have been able to meet people and have visited places such as Van Abbemuseum."

-- Kadian Davis, Jamaica


"... the expat center helped me get the most important number of my life."

-- Rita Kiss, Hungary


"My husband and I came to Eindhoven in February. Thanks to the activities the Holland Expat Center South organized: we quickly got to know other expats and heard their stories, we got to know exciting and interesting places in Eindhoven, we got orientation on some expat-related topics through workshops, we expanded our acquaintances and friends network! Now we are always looking up to see what's up next..."

-- Jenny Campos de Ortega, Venezuela


"Firstly, when I had my appointment with IND and Gemeente at expat center Eindhoven, people over there was very friendly and welcoming. Having such a warm welcome as a new arrival to a country is very comforting. Also, I joined a meet and greet event at (the) Van Abbemuseum and it was a great evening for me. Lastly, I follow monthly newsletter of expat center and learn news about expats, which is pretty cool. Thank you!"

-- Ugur Mustafa Goktolga, Turkey


"Coming from the United States, the support from the expat center during the process of receiving my BSN was very professional, and was one less thing I had to worry about!"

-- Andrew Ritter, USA


"I am not yet in NL, but will be in 3 weeks, the expat centre has been a great source of information and made me aware of many events I can join in with when I have moved."

-- Layla Ruzgar, Scotland


"With the Expat Guide I got all the information I needed when I moved to Eindhoven from Italy 2 years ago, and that was the best help I could have."

-- Arianna Luciani, Italy


"I have written to Holland expat center about my tax questions and also about residence permit for my spouse. I got replies that were clear, concise and helpful."

-- Rohit Gupta, India


"Last year I needed some guidance regarding 30% ruling and few more info regarding residence permit. I got useful advice from HollandexpatCenter which helped me to get these things get sorted out."

-- Raja Aftab


" ... I visited the expat party few times. Even after 1 year, I still see them in private. It is nice to make a friend! I hope new expats people meet lots of people from all over the world and expand their connection."

-- Naoko Nonaka, Japan


"I come from Hellas but to be honest I don't have too much experience about expat center. I only had the chance to participate once in a welcome event in Tilburg. But I think is a useful organization for expats."

-- Αικατερίνη Τσιρογιάννη, Greece


"... the expat center helped me to find interesting programs."

-- Gabor Neszveda, Hungary


"HollandExpatCenter helped me meet expats like myself and expand my network in the Netherlands."

-- Medhat Riad, Egypt


"Last weekend I participated the cycling tour organized by HollandExpatCenter in Tilburg (Welcome to the Heart of Brabant). It was really a nice trip and I made some friends there. It helped me enjoy my life better here in Tilburg."

--Ji LI, China


" ... HollandExpatCenter helped me in few ways throughout these two months of being in the Netherlands: (1) they were helpful and effective when I had no proof of my living address to register, they just made a call and sort it out :) Secondly, they brought me to the windmill and now I have/know a more secure path to cycle on a daily basis :) You are amazing, guys, cheers!"

-- Natasha Stamenkovik, Macedonia


"By participating at the Bicycle Tour, last Saturday, I got 'socialized' myself with the environment. Every hard beginning has an end... what a great feeling when you know that you are not alone. Thanks people (We continue with our meetings no matter, on the ground or in the air!)"

-- Ivana Bosnjakovic,


"... it's so great that I can have good meals, drinks and sweets (yay!!!) when participating in events of Holland Expat Center."

-- Quynh Anh Dang, Vietnam



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