SAP MES Consultant

Job description
The Functional Application Manager configures and maintains manufacturing workflows in SAP/MES according to the Excellence standards and acts as Functional 1st line support in P2FG MES related questions. Act as process and systems custodian, captures learning's and improvements and actively participates in the community to share and drive Manufacturing Excellence standards KEY AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITIES * Configure and maintain manufacturing and equipment management. workflows in SAP/MES * Work within Excellence Process using standard capabilities available in the P2FG Global Template * Ensure compliance with QMS and other local regulations * Support the local factory on a day-to-day basis, as a 1st contact for the local business in MES related requests * Dispatch any issue that cannot be resolved to the MES and/or ERP support team, by filing an incident ticket * Co-create new functionalities with the P2FG community (design/test) * Point of contact between central IT team and local business, for patch upgrades, new releases coming from the P2FG Program * Open SFCs, interfaces between MES and ERP, MES and Shop floor equipment (testers, production machines) * Point of Contact with IT Global Services for Maintenance Windows related to P2FG MES, incidents and other performance related issues * Update and distribute user documentation in accordance with local training processes for P2FG MES enabled processes * Train local key users in accordance with local training processes for P2FG MES enabled processes. * Communicate changes that may affect system performance to the P2FG MES Global Support team when new product lines are added, production volume increased, so ensure server capacity stays in sync with increased activities, Dimensions Relating to Know-How: Technical Know-How, Management Breadth, Human Relation Skills * Interact professionally and respectfully with supervisors and coworkers. * Recognise the team goals and identify ways to accomplish them * Treat unexpected circumstances as opportunities to learn and adopt new techniques * Choose behaviours and actions that best support the team and accomplishment of goals. * Use newly learned knowledge and skills to complete specific tasks and improve work processes. * Express information to individuals or groups taking into account the audience and the nature of the information * Respond effectively to unpredictable or unexpected events Dimensions Relating to Problem Solving: Thinking environment & -challenge * Recognise the existence of a problem * Apply systematic techniques for observing and gathering data. * Locate information efficiently (time) and effectively (sources) * Recognise important gaps in existing information. * Apply a systematic pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition and formulation of a problem statement * Apply scientific methods in qualitative and quantitative analysis, data gathering, direct and indirect observation, predictions, and problem identification. * Understand the underlying relationship among facts and connections between issues. * Use logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems. * Implement the chosen solution/s in a timely manner * Observe and evaluate the outcomes to assess the need for alternative approaches and to identify lessons learned. * Communicate the Problem to appropriate personnel/departments/functions Dimensions Relating to Accountability: Freedom to Act, Magnitude, Nature of impact * Follow workplace health and safety instructions and immediately report/escalate any issues * Follow PEPF and apply P2FG Global template Reporting line * Reports into group leader for Manufacturing Engineering (or Supply Chain)


Candidate description
* Experience or strong affinity with manufacturing technology and business processes * Experience in various manufacturing/supply chain computer platforms/systems * Configuring Dashboards and Setting Up a Basic Production Line in SAP ME, * Master or Bachelor degree in engineering or equivalent competence gained through working experience * Functional Application Management in SAP-ME


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