King for 1 Day

King for 1 Day

Who will be Eindhoven's King for 1 Day?

Every year on King's Day (April 27th) the King and Queen of the Netherlands visit one Dutch city, to celebrate the day. This year, it is Eindhoven's turn to welcome the royal visitors! That of course, is a great honor. But King's Day 2021 will be different from other years. There will be no big parties and no flea markets. However, Eindhoven is definitely going to receive special royal attention!


In Search of the King for 1 Day

Part of what makes Eindhoven a pleasant and vibrant city is the diversity of its inhabitants. We want to show that diversity during King's Day 2021!

Throughout the city, we will be looking for our very own King for 1 Day. Of course we want to make sure that our international inhabitants are included in this search, which is why we are asking our international community to submit nominations of persons who you think deserve to be King for 1 Day.


There are no criteria for a nomination, apart from your own opinion as to why someone deserves to be King for 1 Day. It could be your neighbor who does errands for the elderly, or the lady you admire for putting her heart and soul into a more inclusive society. Or maybe it is a mother who always organizes fun activities for children. It's up to you!


How to Submit Your Nomination(s)

Any resident – man or woman -- of Eindhoven and Eindhoven's greater area can become King for 1 Day. You are welcome to nominate more than one person. The nominations will take place online.

How to submit your nomination:

  1. Take (or find) a photo of the person you want to nominate
  2. Put this photo on (your own) Facebook or Instagram pages
  3. State why you are nominating this person
  4. Make your message public by using @Koningvoor1dag, #kv1d and #binnenstad. Your nomination will then be picked up and can be viewed on our website 

The Nomination Process

A number of finalists will be chosen as kings who will then compete in three online Battles: a quarter-final, a semi-final, and the grand final on King's Day itself. Their supporters are asked to be present during the battles to support them. The winner of these battles will be awarded the title of King for 1 Day.

More information about the online battles, and how to log in to participate, will follow later.

We hope to achieve a diversity in nominations, and we are especially looking forward to receiving nominations from the international community! Help us find a King for 1 Day!


Registration will close on 3 April 2021.

With special royal regards,

Team King for 1 Day
CKE, Municipality of Eindhoven, De Effenaar

Facebook / Instagram: Koning voor 1 Dag

King for 1 Day is organized by CKE (Center for the Arts Eindhoven), on behalf of the Municipality of Eindhoven.





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