Let's Catch Up

Let's Catch up @ Theater aan het Vrijthof


Let's Catch Up @ Theater aan het Vrijthof



When: Friday 22 February, 20:30h

Where: Bovenzaal Theater aan het Vrijthof (Vrijthof 47, Maastricht)

Price: €15,00



A limited number of tickets are available for €15,00 which includes the play, a drink and the meet&greet with the actor. If you would like to join, please contact raf.meijers@maastricht.nl.


About Shylock

'The tragic, funny and often unbelievable life of fiction's most famous Jew'.


Is Shylock the Jewish moneylender from The Merchant of Venice a villain or victim?


Gareth Armstrong's award winning solo play confronts these Jewish stereotypes through the eyes of his only friend - and the only other Jewish man in the whole of Shakespeare - Tubal.

Promoted to centre stage from his minor role in The Merchant of Venice, he proves a born comic storyteller.

Celebrating the richness of Shakespeare's language and conjuring up a whole cast of characters from Portia to Pontius Pilate, from Romeo to Max Reinhardt, and from Barabbas to Richard Burbage, this dazzling, moving, often hilarious play is a fascinating exploration of Shylock and his people.

Written and Directed by Gareth Armstrong
Performed by Rhodri Miles (Seilioc (Welsh language version of Shylock), Burton and Dylan Thomas: Clown in the Moon.


Spoken in English.


SHYLOCK runs 90 minutes and plays with an interval.


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