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Keyport 2020 is a region in the southeast Netherlands that is located in a key position: between southeast Brabant and south Limburg; Belgium and Germany; the Ruhrgebiet and the world's ports; and between seven technical, agricultural and medical campuses. It is a central region with good accessibility, which is ensured by excellent road, rail, waterway and air connections.

Keyport 2020 is a region with two faces: it has both an urban and a rural side. It also has a good mix of features. It is a region with potential. This is evident not only from the fact that economic growth was 1.5% in 2014 -- well above the national average of 0.9% -- but also from the high number of 15 rapidly growing companies (companies with more than 50 employees that grew at least 60%) that are located in the region.


In addition, the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are an undeniable aspect of Keyport 2020's DNA. SMEs act as a job creator in the region, which are strongly represented by five nature sectors. In addition to the leading sectors of the manufacturing industry and agribusiness, are the logistics, leisure and retail, and health care sectors. When the SMEs are running at full speed, then there is a demand for well-trained staff; Personnel that is educated by good educational institutions!


Strength Through Cooperation

Keyport 2020 is a cooperation between seven municipalities in Central Limburg: Echt-Susteren, Leudal, Maasgouw, Nederweert, Roerdalen, Roermond, and Weert; and the Brabant municipality of Cranendonck, entrepreneurs, educational and research institutions. These parties join together to strengthen the sustainable economic structure of the region, and to improve the business climate under a single organization. Working together in the triple helix, is the premise of Keyport 2020. Focus is mainly on the themes innovation, entrepreneurship and labor optimization.


Diversity in Leisure

Keyport also has a lot to offer in leisure; you are encountered by culture in each municipality. Visit Roermond's historical downtown, Maasgouw's island in the river, or the white town of Thorn. There are also many windmills, castles and monuments that contribute to the versatility of the region.

It is also shopping mecca and where you will find the Designer Outlet Roermond, city centres with specialty shops, a covered shopping centre, and more!

In addition to a nice combination of nature and culture, shopping and water sports, Keyport is close to the border. In one day you can eat Kuchen in Germany, and drink a good beer on a terrace in Belgium after which you can return to the Keyport Region!


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