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MPs criticise chaotic government coronavirus strategy after three days of 600+ infections


A further 654 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the Netherlands, and nine more people have been admitted to...

Majority still support Dutch coronavirus measures, poll shows


A large majority of Dutch are still behind the government’s coronavirus measures despite assertions to the contrary, an I&O Research...

A coronavirus risk? Compulsory quarantine comes in next week


People identified as possible coronavirus carriers during track and trace investigations and those returning from risky countries abroad will now...

Together with governments, knowledge institutions and the business community, the Brainport Corona Helpdesk helps entrepreneurs where possible. From concrete short-term solutions to vitality exercises for those working from home.

If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, please contact the Ondernemersloket Eindhoven. To read the information on the page in another language, please use Google Translate, which you can find on the top of the page.

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