Euregion Film Festival 2019 Heerlen

22-03-2019 - 24-03-2019, 20:00

Filmhuis de Spiegel Schunck, Bongerd 18, Heerlen

With the theme of this year, Stories that matter, the Euregion Film Festival immerses you in the film world of novice filmmakers and experts. Be inspired by film producers and become part of the first Feature Lab of Limburg.

About Euregion Film Festival 2019
During this festival, films by various filmmakers can be watched. These are either Dutch or international films, with more attention to the Dutch, German and Belgian films. The film festival is suitable for all ages and is meant for anyone who loves films.


In the weekend of Friday, 22 March you can attend a film contest where filmmakers compete for the title of best film. After the competition has ended and the winner is awarded, you can meet the filmmakers while enjoying a drink.


All the activities on Friday, 22 March are entirely spoken in English.
One of these activities is CineTalk. During this activity 3 films are shown. These films have the aim to show in how many different ways filmmaking can be in the province of Limburg. Furthermore, the existence of the films will be clarified through the filmmakers.


The price of the tickets depends on the activity that you want to attend. You have the option to buy separate tickets, or you can buy a passe-partout, which is one ticket for all the activities. Up to a week before the festival, you can buy early bird tickets.


For more information about the various activities or ticket prices, visit the website of CineSud.



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