Free Business Contact Centre Consultation Hours

26-06-2019, 09:00-13:00

Maastricht International Centre (Centre Céramique, Plein 1992 Maastricht)

If you have any questions about starting a business in Maastricht you are welcome to stop by during the Business Contact Center Maastricht consultation hours.


We deal with any questions you may have about municipal regulations, policies, procedures, permits and licenses. We will answer your questions or bring you into contact with the department or people who can.


Examples include: Can you help me find a suitable location for my business? Do I require a permit for advertising on my building? I have found a location for my business; can I set up operations there? May I start a business at my home?


For international entrepreneurs and start-ups, we hold consultations at the Holland Expat Center South (HECS) twice a month on Wednesday mornings. This is free of charge.


Please, send an e-mail to for an appointment.


Should you prefer another day, we are located in the municipal offices at Mosae Forum 10 and will be pleased to help you any other weekday.


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