Let's Catch Up @ Parkstad Limburg Theaters

13-03-2019, 20:30

Parkstad Limburg Theaters (Heerlen)

For the very first time Let's Catch Up is present @Parkstad Limburg Theaters.



Claudia is based on the story of a young Argentinian woman, a systems engineer and sci-fi fan, who lives in Buenos Aires. At twenty-two, Claudia Poblete Hlaczik discovered that she was the child of two “disappeared” people and that she had lived a life invented by a couple who were not her real parents. Claudia’s case meant a turning point in Argentina, as it marked the beginning of the end of the impunity that military officers had hitherto enjoyed.

Claudia is the second show of the trilogy about history and identity made by La Conquesta del Pol Sud. The company, currently devoted to documentary theatre, returns here with a fusion of theatre language and journalistic research.




When: Wednesday, 13 March, 20.30 h
Where: Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen,
Language: Spanish, Dutch & English surtitles

Price: €17,50

Tickets are available for €17,50 which includes the performance, a drink and a discussion afterwards with La Conquesta del Pol Sud. If you would like to join, please contact:


Explore Festival
The Explore Festival, a series of internationally-acclaimed dance and theatre performances from faraway regions overseas will be held in March 2019. The stages of no less than 10 different theatres in 7 big Dutch cities are playing host to Explore Festival.





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