Meet Maastricht Festival 2019

24-05-2019 - 26-05-2019, 09:00-23:00


From Friday, May 24 to Sunday, May 26, the Meet Maastricht Festival takes place in Maastricht. During this fully English spoken event, you get to know the city of Maastricht and its culture. Hereby you can sign up for workshops and activities that take place both in the afternoon and in the evening.


When: Friday May 24, Saturday May 25 & Sunday May 26, 09:00-23:00. 
Where: Maastricht
Price: € 0 - € 25,00


For three days you will have the chance to explore the most beautiful museums and monuments in the city, participate in art and food workshops, listen to music, watch movies, and discover with the fascinating history of the city.

And don’t forget the evening events! Then you can socialize with all the people you have met during the days and enjoy the festival vibes.


In total there will be around 30 activities to choose from, all taking place in and around Maastricht and – of course – as always: everything will be in English.

Tickets sale has already started! There is also a variety of F(R)EE tours on offer. Make sure to save your spot for the activities you want to join.


For more information and tickets, visit the website of Meet Maastricht Festival 2019.


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