Expat's Guide

Expat's Guide

The Expat's Guide is a great resource for expats who are settling into Brabant! The welcome guide is available for free at the Expat Center, and is also available to view from this page.


What's Inside:


  1. Welcome to Brabant/ Introduction to the Netherlands
  2. Moving to Brabant: BSN, Residence Permit, Work Permit, and Driver's License
  3. Living in Brabant: Renting, Buying, Utilities, Waste and Recycling, Places to Live (Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Bergeijk - De Brabantse Kempen, Meierijstad, Tilburg, and Breda), Banking, Taxation, Insurance, Social Security, Health Care
  4. Working in Brabant: Childcare, Working regions (Brainport Eindhoven, Hart van Brabant, Regio van West-Brabant, AgriFood Capital)
  5. Studying in Brabant: Dutch schools, International schools, Colleges and universities, Language courses, and Volunteering
  6. Personal & Social Needs: Dutch Manners, Culture & Society, Shopping, Pets, Religion, Special Events, and Expat Networks & Social Clubs
  7. Transport: Bicycles, Public Transport, OV-Chipkaart, Airports, Taxis, Driving
  8. Culture & Leisure: Holidays in the Netherlands, Music, Theater & Ballet, Cinema, Museums, Public Libraries, Activities for Children, Sports, Nature, and Trip Ideas Outside of Brabant
  9. Partnership Program: A distinctive collaboration that has been set up between Holland Expat Center South and private service providers.

Read 'The Expat's Guide to Brabant' online!


Read 'The International Student's Guide to Brabant' online!  




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