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We can see clearly that countries and companies all across the world are competing for the same, highly qualified professionals. In today's era of globalization, knowledge migration is essential to realize economic growth and gain an international and domestic competitive edge. As an international recruitment specialist, we serve as the Human Connection between highly educated foreign IT and engineering professionals and the Dutch labor market. We offer a platform to continue your professional career at multinationals based in the Netherlands. We recognise how important it is that professionals, as well as their partners and children are properly integrated into their new environment and strive to facilitate a clean, seamless transition to their new lives. We have over 40 years of experience in recruitment and secondment. Thanks to our large network, we have a strong presence in the Dutch business community, working for leading companies in technology and other sectors in the Netherlands.

Warm welcome

Embarking on a career abroad is a major challenge. You will be living in a new country, encounter cultural differences and leave your friends & family behind. We understand how important it is that you and your family are properly integrated into your new environment. Expat Professionals supports and facilitates your transition to the Netherlands, guaranteeing that you and your family will feel at home in your new situation as quickly as possible, so that you can start doing what you came here to do

Our services

Local talent acquisition and optimum support of foreign professionals, also known as highly skilled migrants, are what make Expat Professionals unique. Inspired by connection, which is one of our core values, we support these professionals from the moment we first meet until they have settled, in order to make sure that they and their families feel at home in their new surroundings as quickly as possible. as a warm welcome will make it easier for them to get started.

We always put people and quality first.

Making life easier

Expat Professionals wants to make life as easy as possible for its clients and professionals, providing support during the entire process. This includes obtaining the necessary permits, finding a place to live and helping professionals and their families find their way around. To do so, we work closely with several specialist partners.


As a recognized INS sponsor, we can offer temporary and fixed employment to highly skilled migrants. Depending on what you want, we can offer project-based Secondment or Secondment with future employer services. Would you prefer offering fixed employment to a foreign professional? You can turn to our Search, Talent acquisition & Selection services to find the perfect match for your company. With over 40 years of experience in recruitment and staffing, we have managed to build up an extensive network at home and abroad.

Serving as the human connection, Expat Professionals will find a perfect match for Dutch companies looking for foreign professionals.

The human connection



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Website: www.expatprofessionals.com


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