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Flowently offers enjoyable alternatives to traditional language classes with a private Dutch tutor. Staffed by native speaker tutors, we focus on making sure you can speak the language that is useful to you. This means we customise every session, focus on conversation and interaction skills and can back that up with the grammar theory you might need. No more boring groups and lessons about cows and calves: only what you want and need to learn, at flexible times and interesting locations.

Check out our wide range of live sessions you can choose from. The 200 tutors are available in 100 cities in the Netherlands, from 8am to 10pm, from Monday to Sunday. Sessions are available for all language levels, for 1 or 2 people. Learn Dutch in a social context, meet the locals and start feeling home in the Netherlands!




Can your child use a helping hand to learning Dutch, feel confident to make Dutch 'vriendjes en vriendinnetjes'? With Flowently your child will learn Dutch in a playful way. For the small one's our tutor will bring aapje Jaapje / monkey Jacob, who only speaks Dutch. The tutor will connect to your child's world and interests and use interactive games for teaching Dutch. In addition, we use modern (online) study methods, to be sure your child will develop the required level of Dutch.

Children's sessions can take place at your home and are available for children from 3 – 16 years old, for learning Dutch and other languages. Contact us for information or an intake.




Are you an international and do you want to feel comfortable at work and learn useful Dutch? Flowently designs customised programmes to fit your requirements, goals and working environment. Learn specific vocabulary related to your working environment and practice your business conversations. And last but not least, learn some 'magic phrases' for your social chat at the coffee machine! Our qualified teachers can help you at any level, inburgering and state exams as well. Contact us for more information.




Flowently is offering coaching, consultancy and workshops to raise your cultural awareness by discussing what culture is, what your own cultural preferences are, how they compare to those of your colleagues in general and to Dutch culture specifically. You will also get more insights on how to deal with culture shock and about the do's and don'ts when living in the Netherlands. These coaching, consultancy and workshop sessions can be given in-house or at an external location. Contact us for more information.





Tel: +31(0)6 4133 9323

Email: info@flowently.com

Website: www.flowently.com



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