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Children. That's what it's all about at the Korein Group. We will do whatever it takes to offer children between the ages of 0 to 16 the best possible opportunities for development. Our services aim to help children grow up and become independent persons in an active, fun and educational manner.

It takes a village to raise a child
Raising children is a shared task: it takes an entire village to raise a child. We are part of that village. We are continuously expanding it with new services for children and parents. This is our task as a social development organisation. Together with our partners, we make a positive contribution to the development of each and every child.

Close to children and parents

In the eastern part of Brabant we offer developmental packages that meet the needs of children and their parents' desires. Nowadays, there is a Korein Kinderplein (Korein Children's Square) for every child in the neighbourhood either in their own neighbourhood, near the school or in the vicinity of their parents' workplace. A child can also attend the Lunch-Club. Click gastouderopvang (host parent care), KluppluZ and @Base for day care, guidance and leisure activities.

Korein Kinderplein
Children between 0 and 13 years of age can go to Korein Kinderplein (Korein Children's' Square) for day care, after school care, assistance and fun activities. The educational staff will assist the children in a development-oriented manner. https://www.koreinkinderplein.nl/en/

The Lunch-Club
In elementary schools the staff of the Lunch-Club is responsible for childcare. Children eat their sandwiches and get to play and relax in order to restore enough energy for after their lunch break. Fun comes first! www.delunch-club.nl

Some children require more than what regular childcare has to offer. They may, for instance, be less skilled in social-emotional respect than their peers. KluppluZ offers childcare to children with special needs or those who need extra structure. www.kluppluz.nl

Teenagers are welcome after school hours at @BASE for professional homework assistance and tutoring. We also make time for activities and fun. www.atbase.nl

Click host parents
Host parents offer small-scale childcare in a home environment. Click connects supply and demand and offers a wide range of support to host parents. www.clickgastouderopvang.nl/english

Korein Group is part of KINDwijzer: a national network of 16 leading childcare institutions, which makes it the premier league of Dutch childcare. Together we work towards innovation and quality. We share our knowledge and working methods with each other. That is how we bring childcare in the Netherlands to a higher level.




Kanaaldijk-Zuid 5a

5613 LE, Eindhoven


Tel: +31 (0)40 294 8989

Email: klantadvies@koreinkinderplein.nl

Website: www.koreinkinderplein.nl/en



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