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For The Netherlands, internationalisation is of great importance. However, as a result of differences in cultures and backgrounds, this process is being delayed. As a rapidly growing organisation, P&D Care has specialised itself in the process of international mobility. For every organisation, the arrival of an international employee is a comprehensive case study. Its complexity can result in a difficult start and mutual disappointments for both employer and co-worker. No matter how hard the employer (P&O department) tries to do its best, it often involves matters beyond the work field. Therefore, P&D Care invented an optimised process of preparation, formalities, arrival and accommodation for international co-workers. Both the organisation and the international co-worker will be put at ease, thanks to the services of P&D Care. P&D Care is an advocate of long-term partnerships. Due to a joint, continually developing insight on co-operation and service provisioning, a real experience of fulfilled expectations arises.


Prior to arrival


  • Inventory 
  • Pre-arrival care 
  • Oracle for the organisation


The decision has been made: your organisation has made an agreement with an international co-worker for a definite or indefinite period. From this moment, P&D Care starts working for you. The period prior to arrival is an important part of the services of P&D Care. Very intensive contact will be held with the international co-worker, in the country of origin. First, an inventory of the required procedures will be made. Often, during the phase prior to arrival, the international co-worker will plan a visit to familiarise itself with The Netherlands. During this visit, P&D Care will give a realistic impression of the possibilities on the location. Both the international co-worker and his or her family will be prepared for their stay in The Netherlands in a positive way. P&D Care is the oracle for both your organisation and the international co-worker, during the process of preparation, formalities, arrival and stay.




  • Visas/permits 
  • Registrations 
  • Insurance


The Netherlands has many laws and regulations relating to immigration. P&D Care is fully aware of all procedures and provides your organisation with the opportunity to act as an agent in applying for diverse permits (both residence and employment). Requesting and retrieving relevant documents by the various authorities will be closely supervised. If an international co-worker wants to settle in The Netherlands, possession of certain visas and/or permits is required by law depending on the country of origin. To prepare the immigration forms, certain documents should be presented to the authorities. Furthermore, insurances, a Dutch bank account, etc. have to be arranged. Due to the knowledge and supervision of P&D Care, the employer as well as the co-worker will be led effortlessly through the world of Dutch licences and formalities.




  • Well-grounded in real estate 
  • Objective advice 
  • Managing expectations


Comfortable accommodation that meets the expectations and wishes of the international co-worker and his or her family is an essential element for a pleasant stay in The Netherlands. P&D Care acts in the interest of the international co-worker. Therefore, an independent and critical attitude will be taken to all providers of accommodations. The flow of rental properties on the housing market can be whimsical; available properties are often quickly and directly re-let. P&D Care plays a proactive role in viewing houses and entering into rental contracts. Years of experience in the field of guidance of international co-workers, considering their wishes, expectations and budget, is the bridge that will be built. Buying a house requires extra attention. P&D Care has the knowledge to properly supervise and settle this process.




  • Warm welcome 
  • Feeling at home 
  • Exploring new surroundings


Finding your place in Dutch society is not obvious for everyone. Cultural and language differences can result in problems and misunderstandings in the period after arrival. P&D Care ensures that each international co-worker feels welcome, by being physically present at the arrival and by giving complete supervision during the exploration of the new (home) environment. Where can I get my groceries? Where can I play sports/visit a theatre? Is my religious community represented? Which (nursery) school is suitable for my children? These are only a few issues that can arise at the arrival of an international co-worker. Arranging these issues make the co-worker feel at home in his or her new residence within a short period. Due to a professional process of acclimatization, the international co-worker can function optimally.



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