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When a Dutch company hires a foreign employee, or if you as a foreign employee want to work in The Netherlands, there are several options, each with different requirements to be met for both the foreign employee and the hiring client. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the foreign employee working illegally in the Netherlands and risking severe fines from the Dutch Tax Authority. These fines can be for both the employee and the hiring client. When the foreign employee and the hiring client want to be absolutely certain of avoiding legal and financial risks, Holland Payroll can provide a Dutch Payroll Contract. The result: focus on the assignment for both the employee and the hiring client.


We provide payroll solutions for our clients in accord with Dutch tax and labour law legislation and have more than 30 years of experience in the Dutch labour market. In addition to being fully compliant with Dutch labour legislations, we are also registered with the ABU and are NEN-4400-1 certified. Finally, we are a recognized sponsor at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), which means we are allowed to contract and guide highly skilled migrants.


For the foreign employee Holland Employment Experts will make sure that:

  • contract and payments are according to Dutch law and in line with compliance measures with the agreement between the employee and client;
  • necessary arrangements will be made for specific Dutch tax benefits, for example the 30% ruling, a work permit, or obtaining a social security number;
  • paycheck will be provided in advance to confirm the net pay rate, before the start of the assignment.

For the client Holland Employment Experts will make sure that:

  • the foreign employee has passed the IND screening and is fully compliant with Dutch labour legislation to work legally in The Netherlands;



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