Post Office

There are no longer separate post offices in the Netherlands. Instead, there are post office stations inside of certain grocery stores and bookstores. There are also orange mailboxes (pictured above) located in neighbourdhoods, at the train station, and inside grocery stores and bookstores.


There are two slots in mailboxs:

  1. local mail
  2. the rest of the country and the world

If you are mailing a letter outside of the Netherlands, you will put the letter into the left slot. Local mail will be put into the right slot. 


There are three different types of postage available:

  1. Netherlands: For post within the Netherlands
  2. Europe: For post outside of the Netherlands, but within Europe
  3. World: For post outside of Europe

Mail is collected in the evening, and mail within the Netherlands will be delivered the next day, except for Sunday and Monday.






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