Other kinds of Health Insurances

When you are not obliged to take out a National Health Insurance, you can, or have to, arrange some other form of insurance. 

Insurance from home

It is possible that based on your citizenship you stay covered under the national health insurance of your home country or a private insurance that you have taken out in your country of origin. Please make sure that the coverage is still applicable and in compliance with your purpose of stay. The consequence of you working in another country may be that your home country insurance is no longer applicable. 


The following groups might still be covered under an insurance scheme in their home country:


Cross-border workers 

If you are a cross-border worker, and you live in an EEA member state or treaty country, specific rules apply to the country where you are insured. Generally, this means that you will be insured in the country where you work, and the insurance provides you with cover in the country where you live. However, there are exceptions to this rule, for example if you are self-employed or working as a civil servant.

It is advisable to ask the relevant authorities how you need to be insured. In the Netherlands, this is the SVB, but often you will need to contact the relevant authorities in your home country. See the list of countries with which the Netherlands have entered into a treaty regarding social security.


Posted employees
When you are a posted worker, you will often still be able to participate in the health insurance scheme of the country of your employer. This often depends on how long you will be working in the Netherlands and who is paying your salary. Please contact the SVB or the national social security board in your home country.

Students and non-salaried academic researchers
Students who are in the Netherlands for the sole purpose of studying or doing research on a (study) grant and who stay in The Netherlands for less than three years and are younger than 30 years old, are not considered to be residents and do therefore not fall under Dutch national social security regulations. If this applies to you, you will have to check whether you are still insured in your home country. Please note, that if you have a part-time job besides your study or research, you will have to take out a Dutch National Health Insurance.


Dutch private health care insurance

If you do NOT fall under the Dutch National Health Insurance Act, and you are not insured in your home country, we advise you to take out a private health insurance or expat insurance package to stay covered in the Netherlands. This is often also a requirement for the immigration process.





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