Private Insurances

In the Netherlands, many people take out a so-called Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering (Liability Insurance). This insurance protects a person or entity from claims initiated by another party. Although there are people in the Netherlands who think this is a compulsory insurance, it is NOT.


Dutch people often think that however careful you are, you or one of your family members may unintentionally cause damage to another person or another person's property (the dreaded ball through your neighbor's windowpane). Almost all insurance companies offer this Liability Insurance.


Ongevallenverzekering (accident insurance) insures against bodily injury or death because of an accident and the expenses entailed in these events. These kinds of insurances will pay out a lump sum amount if you or a family member become(s) permanently disabled, lose(s) body parts or die(s) as a result of an accident.





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