Tax returns

Employees already pay taxes through the amount of money withheld from their monthly wages. However, this is just an advance payment on what you are expected to pay. Besides your wage, you might also have other sources of taxable income, such as income out of freelance activities or business activities. On the other hand, you might also be entitled to some tax credits or deductions because of your personal circumstances. Interest paid on the mortgage of your house, alimony for your ex- partner, and study expenses may lead to that.


In the beginning of every year, a tax form for the previous year becomes available at the Tax Administration's website. Besides the annual tax return forms, there are also provisional tax return forms for the current year. If you use these forms, you do not have to wait for a final settlement by your declaration at the end of the year. It is also possible to receive or pay money on a monthly basis.


For the annual tax return form, the deadline is April 1.


People who have migrated to the Netherlands during the previous year will receive a so-called M Form. This form is not available online and will be sent to your home address. You can also order this form by calling with the Tax Administration.


Non-resident taxpayers (persons with their main place of residency outside the Netherlands) are required to complete the so-called C Form.


Although the Tax Administration tries to make things as easy as possible for you, a basic understanding of the system is still necessary. Because you have been recruited from abroad and your personal circumstances may differ a bit from ordinary Dutch people's circumstances, we advise you to get assistance from a tax advisor with knowledge of international tax issues.





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