Van Gogh Brabant

The roots of Van Gogh lie in Brabant. He was born and raised here. He produced his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters here. Five Brabant communities still retain traces of Van Gogh, from his sources of inspirati onto his works. Welcome to Vincent’s homeland.


Vincent van Gogh House in Zundert

Vincent van Gogh was born and raised in Zundert. Memories of his youth are brought to life in the Vincent van Gogh House. This Zundert initiative brings to life one of Vincent’s dreams: a platform for art of the future! View the work of artists who have been inspired by him.

More information:

Vincent van Gogh Huis
Markt 27                     

4881 CN Zundert

076-597 85 90


Vincent’s Art Room in Tilburg

History and the newest technology merge together in Vincent’s Art Room!  The young Van Gogh attended school in this former palace of King Willem II. Witness how he received his first serious drawing lessons in a reconstruction of this classroom and get to work at once in the digital art room.

More information:

Vincent’s Art Room

Stadhuisplein 128
5038 TC Tilburg
013-542 91 97


Vincent van Gogh Information Centre in Etten-Leur

Having decided to become an artist, Vincent van Gogh returned to his parents’ house in Etten. This is where he found his first models and where he became inspired by the landscapes. You can see and hear how Van Gogh laid the foundations for his future masterpieces. You can follow walking or cycling routes alongside the places that were important to Vincent.

More information:

Vincent van Gogh Information Centre

Markt 4
4875 CE Etten-Leur


Vincentre in Van Gogh Village Nuenen

Nuenen is an ‘outdoor museum’ with no fewer than 21 buildings and landscapes which have a direct relationship with Van Gogh in Nuenen. He produced a quarter of his total works in Nuenen, including his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters! In Vincentre you can witness how Vincent van Gogh lived and painted in Nuenen. Experience everything the way he once experienced it. The most modern audiovisual technology will convince you that you have stepped back into Vincent’s time.

More information:


Berg 29
5671 CA Nuenen


North Brabant Museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

The North Brabant Museum is the leading museum containing the best of Brabant art and history. The museum is the only location in Brabant where paintings by Van Gogh can be viewed. You will see the peasant women from The Potato Eaters here, his father’s parsonage and the unspoilt Brabant landscape for which Van Gogh was always home sick.

More information:

North Brabant Museum

Verwersstraat 41




Discover Vincent van Gogh in Nuenen.


Nuenen is just 9 kilometers from Eindhoven, halfway to the city of Helmond. Van Gogh lived and worked 2 years in Nuenen. Here he made his first  worldfamous painting of the Potatoeaters. In Nuenen you can walk where Vincent once walked, sit where Vincent once sat, and still see what Vincent once saw. You can experience in real life the lovely and unusual locations he painted. So, something really unique!


Especially for expats we organize a visit to the museum Vincentre plus a guided walking tour around the outdoor Van Gogh locations in Nuenen. You will be welcomed with coffee or tea. The visit will take 2,5 hours. In Vincentre we have an audiotour in 7 languages; the tourguide speaks English.

Date: Sunday 9 June 2013.

Start: 14.00 hrs at museum Vincentre, Berg 29, Nuenen.

Price: € 14,50 per person (Includes entrance fee, audiotour, coffee/tea and tour guide.)

We kindly request you to register below. We will confirm this tour as soon as we have a group of at least 6 persons.











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